Leasing is a smart business move.

  • Lease payments are typically treated as expenses
  • A lease may have tax advantages for the lessee
  • Less money is required up front
  • Easily switch between aircraft as needs change
  • At the end of the lease, you can walk away, renew, or possibly purchase the aircraft.

Speak with one of our agents to determine if leasing is the right way for you to tap into the benefits of on-demand travel.

41 is the average age of passengers flying in private aircraft.* – Forbes

What makes leasing more appealing than fractional ownership?

If you don’t fly an airplane enough to justify keeping it, a lease is a viable way to enjoy the conveniences and benefits of on-demand travel.

Like fractional ownership, you lease time on a specific serial-numbered aircraft; you just don’t have any maintenance or associated fees to deal with. You fly your own plane with a familiar crew, on your schedule, with all the amenities, minus the long-term commitments. Your decision may also be driven by the amount of up-front capital needed to purchase versus lease.

  • Never worry about connecting flights or being bumped from a flight
  • Make travel plans at a moment’s notice
  • Experience a higher level of luxury and convenience in on-demand travel