Fractional Ownership

Is fractional ownership right for you?

First and foremost, fractional ownership allows you to take full advantage of flying privately without all the management and associated expenses of full ownership. Although there are many variables that will affect your ultimate decision, the rule of thumb is that if you fly as many as 175 hours per year, fractional ownership may make sense.

With fractional ownership, you own an interest in a specific serial-numbered aircraft. Typically, the smallest share is 1/16th, which entitles the owner to around 50 hours of flight time annually. Allura Aviation will work with you to determine the proper level of investment based on your travel needs.

There are three primary benefits of fractional ownership:

  • You have a flight-ready aircraft available to you at a moment’s notice
  • Turn-key services, including all maintenance, crew selection, flight logs, and other details
  • You always know your flying costs, as monthly management fees and occupied hourly fees are guaranteed on an annual basis

Another big benefit of fractional ownership with Allura Aviation is access to a fleet of planes designed to meet a wide variety of travel needs. So if your aircraft is unavailable or unsuitable, you can request another aircraft type within our fleet.

There are many fractional ownership companies competing for your business. Few, if any, provide the level of convenience and luxury of Allura Aviation.

If you are using the aircraft for business, there are also substantial tax depreciation benefits that make fractional ownership highly desirable. Speak with one of our agents to see examples of potential tax benefits.