Our plane programs in plain talk.

Let us help you choose the right travel program to fit your needs. There are many variables you will need to take into consideration, such as plane selection, destinations and service expectations. We also support owner pilot programs. All of the planes in the Allura fleet are certified for single pilot operation.

Regardless of the program you select, when you go with Allura Aviation you can rest assured that you will be treated to a level of luxury and convenience that is above all others.

Fractional Ownership

All the benefits without all the commitments.

Discover what makes our fractional ownership program the best option for those who would rather not own a whole aircraft.

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The perfect alternative to ownership.

Enjoy the convenience of traveling on your terms without the associated costs of repairs and maintenance.

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The ultimate in flexibility.

Engage our charters if you prefer not to lease or purchase, or if your own aircraft is unavailable or unsuitable.

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Make our tip-top management services your top priority.

Let us take over the burden of aircraft management, so you can focus on flying.

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By the Numbers


of flights included pets. Man’s best friend is also his best traveling buddy.


of charters were on small jets, typically seating five to eight people.