Safeguarding our planes and our passengers with federally licensed aircraft technicians.

Preventative Maintenance is mission critical in avionics; you must take care of your aircraft if you want it to take care of you. Although there are a few repairs that pilots and owners may complete themselves, most aircraft maintenance should be conducted only by certified FAA technicians. At Allura Aviation, we approach aircraft maintenance with the same level of attention to detail that we apply to all of our services: We set the bar. Always remember that a well-maintained aircraft is a safe aircraft.

We take your safety seriously.

Speak to one of our representatives to learn more about how Allura Aviation can manage and maintain your aircraft. Good maintenance is not cheap, but poor maintenance can prove to be a much more expensive proposition down the road. Beyond safety, by keeping your plane in tip-top shape you also ensure that your aircraft will have a higher resale value if you decide to sell.

Here is a list of some of the areas that maintenance addresses.

  • Propeller Check
  • Engine Check
  • Cabin Check
  • Fuselage and Empennage Check