Arrive in style. Depart with class. We treat our clients like royalty, because that is what builds loyalty. Experience luxurious pampering with the finest planes, pilots and amenities anywhere.



Head straight to the aircraft instead of the airport. We make it easy for our clients to get on their flight, so they can get on with business. Time is a luxury, and we give you more of it.



We’re setting the bar for jet-setting. Experience a new level of service in the sky, before you ever leave the ground. From booking to transport to your final destination, we have stepped up luxury every step of the way.

At Allura Aviation, we live by a simple motto: Be treated well. Travel well.

Our goal is to make jet air travel more attainable and more enjoyable. Allura Aviation provides the ideal alternative to traditional air travel. Through fractional aircraft ownership, our clients have access to the finest planes and pilots at a moment’s notice. We have elevated the experience of air travel with exceptional “White Glove” services and personalized first-class treatment.

Door to door. Coast to coast.

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Beechcraft G36

Range 915 nm

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King Air 250

Range 990 nm

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Citation M2

Range 1184 nm

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Pilatus PC 12

Range 1635 nm

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Citation CJ3

Range 1802 nm

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By the Numbers

12,717 Private Planes

The USA represents the biggest market for private jet travel.

1,601,395 Flights

The USA represents 75% of the 1,000 busiest flight routes in the world.


You are never alone – from the moment we pick you up to the moment we drop you off, you will be accompanied by professional and courteous representatives of Allura Aviation, whose primary concern is your safety.